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Easy Ticket Success Story

Starting from the first Saudi tourist visa in Alala, where we were one of the first ticket platforms in Saudi Arabia linked with a tourist visa, and since then our success stories continued through working in 5 Saudi seasons, running more than 200 events, and selling more than 250 thousand tickets throughout our great kingdom

Were are we?

We have developed the platform during our great experiences and provided all that the event builder needs, from the first Saudi ticketing platform to offer a ticket sales page with your own identity, and we continuously improve it, to a control panel of all the benefits and services needed by each event builder, and after the Corona pandemic we were the first ticketing platform to add the advantage of checking the safety of visitors and reviewing their health data in the event control panel, and simplifying it to your customers by adding many sales methods electronically and in the event floor, and adding the Channel Of Whats App directly and sending tickets For your customers, the possibility of adding a ticket to Apple wallet so they can sign in to your event in the easiest and safest way, and we can't say much more, but we've come far and we're getting with you beyond that.

Who's EasyTicket?

It is one of the smart technical products of Achieve One group, which offers smart and easy solutions for all business sectors in Saudi Arabia, through which we aim to provide integrated services whatever your business type, let's take a example! example: you have an event in one of our kingdom cities, you will benefit from Easy Ticket to sell tickets for the event and manage it, And give a perfect experience for your vistors throw Sahlh product, which creates an application for events and conferences, enable your visitors to review the agenda of events and communicate directly between some and others, and if you have points of sale, you need an easy and simple system that helps you manage your sales and following your inventory and others, and this is through Easy POSproduct, and last but not least, the event is looking for visitors and we appreciate connecting you to them through our application Where To Go specialized in displaying the best and most recent places in Saudi Arabia. Are you intresting? contact us now!